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  • CW39 NewsFix

    HOUSTON - There's been a lot of talk about patriotism the past few days. Is there anything more required for being considered patriotic, than voting?!
    “If we want to keep our Democracy, we have to vote. That is our God given right,” said Kevin Mendoza.
    The fourth Tuesday of every September is National Voter Registration Day.
    "A lot of people think they’re registered, and they’re not registered to vote. They don’t understand that when you move, you have to update your

  • CW39 NewsFix

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - The prognosis on the latest bill to repeal Obamacare is in. Using medical jargon, it's a code blue. The Graham-Cassidy bill is dead. Senators will not vote on it because they don't have the requisite 51 votes needed to pass it.
    One reason might be the that the Congressional Budget Office said the bill would drastically cut Medicaid and leave millions more without health insurance. Senate Democrats have a different treatment plan.
    "Each of our ideas, however, endeavors to...

  • Indivisible Guide

    When I was in college, Rita hit. My parents were fine; our house had always been fine during a storm. When I was in grad school, Ike hit. My parents were fine. Our house was still fine. At the end of Harvey, my parents’ house is again fine. And I am fine. My condo is...

  • Houston Press

    Indivisible Houston Lets Loose With Hamilton Singalong at Guava Lamp
    Indivisible Houston found a creative and fun way to continue the fight for freedom by hosting a Hamilton Singalong at Guava Lamp in Houston on August 19. Organizers took a break from phone calling, filling airports and organizing marches to let loose, sing a few tunes from Lin-Manuel Miranda's blockbuster and down more than a few of the signature cocktails, appropriately dubbed The Hamilton....

  • Houston Chronicle

    A few hundred people stood at the foot of Houston City Hall to support Bellaire graduate Natalie Romero and the other Charlottesville victims and to denounce the hatred expressed during that rally near the University of Virginia. Many carried signs, a few reading "Houston loves diversity," "White silence = white consent" and "True patriotism fights hate.

  • Univision

    Los manifestantes se dieron cita en el Centro de Sobrevivientes de Cáncer para mostrar su inconformismo por el nuevo plan de salud y exigir una cobertura factible económicamente para todas las personas.