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  • Houston Public Media

    Representatives of March for Science Houston, a science advocacy group, and Indivisible Houston, a progressive advocacy group, recommended that the City of Houston adopt net neutrality policies at the last city council meeting of the year.
    During the part of the City Council’s meeting reserved for members of the public to address the council, Elle Church, of March for Science, recommended the creation of a municipal Internet service provider (ISP).
    Houston resident Silky Malik proposed a fiber-based ISP administered through the City’s public library system.
    The proposed services differ from Houston’s municipal WiFi, WeCan — city WiFi still needs internet service providers (ISPs) to function and because ISPs could slow internet speeds, the city’s service is not necessarily neutral.

  • CW39 NewsFix | G. Trudeau

    HOUSTON - The decision to end net neutrality may have been made at the federal level, but advocates trying to bring it back from the dead are looking for local solutions.
    “Our city and its leaders can fix this problem that the national government has created. We are here to offer a solution. Municipal internet,” says Elle Church with March for Science Houston.
    “We believe in competition. We think that its good we just want to give Houstonians a fair shot being able to do it,”