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  • Houston Chronicle | Culberson faces raucous town hall

    A few hundred people stood at the foot of Houston City Hall to support Bellaire graduate Natalie Romero and the other Charlottesville victims and to denounce the hatred expressed during that rally near the University of Virginia. Many carried signs, a few reading "Houston loves diversity," "White silence = white consent" and "True patriotism fights hate." The organizers handed out miniature American flags, red roses and candles. The crowd was emotional, many tearing up, especially when an organizer led a chant of the name Heather Heyer, the woman who was killed when a sports car rammed into counterprotesters Saturday, and when Romero's mother spoke.

  • Univision

    Los manifestantes se dieron cita en el Centro de Sobrevivientes de Cáncer para mostrar su inconformismo por el nuevo plan de salud y exigir una cobertura factible económicamente para todas las personas.

  • KHOU

    Indivisible Houston along with other organizations protest the constant attempt of reviving the ACA repeal.

  • Houston Public Media

    With their faces covered in splotchy zombie makeup, protesters said wanted to call attention to what they say could happen to Texans if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act. Protester Daniel Cohen admits the measure needs a few tweaks but he adds thousands of Houstonians could go without care if it’s repealed. “Texas didn’t take the Medicaid funding so now there are people who aren’t covered and it’s all in the hands of the state,” says Cohen. “The point of putting together a national health care system is to put together a national system.”

  • CW13

    HOUSTON - No matter how many times it dies, President Trump and the Republicans' attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act keeps coming back to life. “If they want to pass a zombie-care undead bill, then we'll give them zombies,” says Daniel Cohen. These 'zombies' want your brains alright, but more for philosophical reasons than as a meal option. “This bill has come back from the dead, and so have we,” says Katy Jewett, who credits her health insurance for helping her beat breast cancer. Protestors gathered, dawning the best zombie makeup they could muster, to help drive home their point that fixing Obamacare is the way to go, and it's the efforts to repeal that need to die, and stay dead!