Daniel Cohen – President

Daniel is a professional communicator with a deep love for advocacy. A lifelong Houstonian, Daniel grew up in a civically engaged family and has always taken part in his community. Today, he is dedicated to organizing to challenge institutions of power to make the world a better place. A career communicator, business owner, and Democratic Party precinct chair, Daniel believes in The People and the power of uncomfortable truths.

Nisha Randle – Vice President

Nisha is one of Houston’s most energizing and creative political voices. From a two-week blitz as a central organizer of Houston participants to the National Women’s March in Washington DC to present-day, Nisha is one of Houston’s leading voices in the Counter-Trump Resistance. She is also Founder of March for Black Women, emeritus board member for Pantsuit Republic Houston, and works by day at the Harris County Democratic Party.

Diana Alexander Martinez – Action Chair

Diana Alexander Martinez is one of the most active organizers in Harris County, especially on immigration issues and racial progress. She brings morale to every fight, adding an electric presence to actions spanning across the City of Houston and surrounding areas. An educator by training, Diana uses her teaching ability to listen to the needs of the community, communicate to connect with others, and bring people together.

Greg Broyles – Finance Chair

Greg Broyles has been one of Houston’s most active environmental advocates for decades. In a given week, Greg can be found hitting the streets, assisting asylum seekers and refugees, fighting for cleaner air or otherwise taking action to shine light on social issues that are both local and global. Greg loves his family, his friends, and the outdoors, and respects the humanity of all people, recognizing our similarities while celebrating our differences alike as strengths of character.

Egberto Willies – Communications Chair

Egberto Willies is a political activistauthorpolitical bloggerradio show host in Kingwood, TX. Willies is currently a contributing editor to DailyKosOpEdNews, and several other Progressive sites. He was a frequent contributor to HuffPost Live. He won the 2nd CNN iReport Spirit Award and was the Pundit of the Week.

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