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Help Rebuild Houston - #ResistHarvey

Updated: Mar 7

Donate to Houston to #ResistHarvey

Indivisible Houston and other organizations in the Houston area are following the lead of Gulf Coast Red Cross by donating time and money to relief efforts. Houston has had some hard luck with rain over the past few years:

  1. On Tax Day of 2016, five people died and hundreds had to be rescued in a flood that swept across nine Houston area counties;

  2. On Memorial Day in 2015, water entered homes that had never been flooded before in areas such as Meyerland, killing seven people and racking up nearly half a billion dollars in damage;

  3. And in 2001- more than a few years ago- Tropical Storm Allison, which many have likened Hurricane Harvey to as a historical storm kin, caused $9 billion in damage in the US and killed 41 people.

Yet as hard as Houstonians get hit by storms, they resist and recover from the damages just as hard. Never has there been a stronger outpouring of love, support, and collaboration in the Houston area as there is after a storm or flood. We care about each other, and it shows, especially in our darkest moments. To continue that proud tradition of standing by our community in times of need, we will prepare for and deliver cleanup and restitution as part of a coordinated effort with cleanup groups in Houston to those in need in the wake of what looks to be a ferocious natural disaster. Read our article

on the aftermath of Harvey. To help rebuild, please donate to one of the wonderful charities working to help affected communities recover. There are shelters and organizations set up around the city that could use assistance. Shipments of goods are not going to help for a while unless they have resource backers, such as some of the larger grocery stores, to help bring them in. There will be time for that later. Right now, people on the ground need MONEY to operate. Here are some ways to give. We will update this list with more over time. 


  1. Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston:

  2. Houston Emergency Aid Coalition:

  3. United Way of Greater Houston:

  4. Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund – Here is also a good article on how to donate money and other aid to communities of color:


  1. Houston Food Bank –

  2. Galveston County Food Bank –

  3. Corpus Christi Food Bank –


  1. Texas Diaper Bank –


  1. Houston Undocumented Communities Flood Rellef Fund –

  2. More resources: PSR Emergency Support


  1. Portlight –


  1. Coalition for the Homeless of Houston –

  2. Star of Hope –


  1. Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group: Accepting both cash donations and volunteer help (as needed).


  1. The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is asking for blood donations:

  2. Trach Mommas of Louisiana:

  3. Those who have extra pediatric medical supplies such as tracheostomy and ventilator supplies, feeding tubes, nebulizers, air purifiers, or specialty baby formula can help children with complex medical needs.


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