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John Cornyn’s Wall Position is a Moving Target

Updated: May 30

Senator John Cornyn- who called said of a border wall “This idea that all you can do is build some obstacle and people won't go come over it, or go under it, or go through it is naive”, and when asked if Trump understood the border issue stated “that’s certainly not my sense”- has now decided to support the President’s border wall. In February of 2017, Cornyn began to shift his position through the classical political tactic of hedging, stating a border wall “makes absolute sense in some areas”. Suddenly, the Senator was entertaining the wall as a partial solution to immigration concerns. However, over the remainder of 2017, Cornyn’s staffers repeatedly stated to constituents calling about policy concerns that he opposed a wall but favored border security and would be willing to compromise on a DREAM Act as long as border security “came first”. The concept of a wall was not a stated part of his office’s position on the issue in responses to constituents. Now, Cornyn has decided to come out in favor of the wall yet again… he thinks. Maybe. Cornyn staffers have changed their tune in calls to his office by saying “a partial barrier in some parts” is part of the solution, but the Senator has publicly dodged questions about whether or not he supports the $5.7 billion delusion proposed by the White House. What this all amounts to might be called a “flip flop” in positions. It is certainly intentionally abstract, which makes for terrible policy-making and a high probability of untrustworthy advocacy. Yet perhaps this is par for the course for the Senator. Cornyn often presents himself as a moderate but pushes for policies that are hard right. In June of last year, Cornyn resurfaced an old lie about the Flores Settlement. His position on the wall is not a departure from normal Cornyn behavior. It is simply how he acts. Call and tweet at John Cornyn and tell him to end the #GOPshutdown and #nowallnownowallever.


“Hello, my name is _______ and I am calling from _______. I oppose a border wall and demand that the Senator vote to reopen the federal government immediately. Hundreds of thousands of people are out of work and our government is losing confidence at a critical time.”

Twitter: @JohnCornyn

Phone Numbers:

  • West Texas Office: 806-472-7533

  • Houston Office: 713-572-3337

  • DC Office: 202-224-2934

  • Harlingen Office: 956-423-0162

  • Austin Office: 512-469-6043

  • Dallas Office: 972-239-1310

  • San Antonio Office: 210-224-7485

  • Tyler Office: 903-593-0902

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