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March General: Agenda, Calls to Action, Census 2020, and More!

Updated: May 30

Hello friends, Thank you for taking part in the Indivisible Houston March General Meeting! If you are finding this information after the meeting, that is OK, too, as there is plenty of actionable information available in these slides to assist yourself and others as we deal with COVID-19. We have elevated several actions today complete with links and scripts, and have provided those immediately here:

-Here is the sign in link for today's meeting! -Here's our universal VBM Tweet: Retweet it!: -Here's how to find the Houston Tenants Union:

-Here is the COVID Data-Driven Group: -Here is the Migrant Detention Center Petition. Sign it! -Call for Houston Public Library Employees to be sent home! -Here is the COVID 19 RESPONSE HTX ASKS/NEEDS (No Judgement) group!

Thanks and solidarity,

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